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About Us

Brief History of NOWA

The Naval Officers’ Wives Association (NOWA) came into being on 30 November 1965 under the leadership of Mrs Anne Wey, wife of the first indigenous Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Joseph Edet Akinwale Wey of blessed memory. It started as a small “Tea Group” for light-hearted discussion by wives of naval officers to kill boredom because of the regular absence of their husbands to sea and also as a forum of rendering assistance to wives of naval ratings in and out of the barracks. It was and still is a forum where social problems relating to the less privileged in the society are discussed and where contributions are made to assist the needy.

NOWA has provided the opportunity for social interaction which facilitated the promotion of love, harmony and co-operation among naval officers’ wives and their families. These noble principles have guided the activities of the association with various degrees of emphasis. In the last 4 decades, NOWA has recorded a number of achievements in its efforts to complement the efforts of the Nigerian Navy in welfare-related projects in the barracks. These are in the areas of education, charitable ventures, economic empowerment, health and social services as well as sporting activities.

Core Areas

The Naval Officers Wives Association (NOWA) Day care, Nursery and Primary Schools are meant to cater for the academic needs of naval officers children as well as the general public.

NOWA has always cattered for the needs of the less privileged in different ways. This has been expressed in visiting people in hospitals and orphanages.
The Naval Officers´ Wives Association (NOWA) is known for executing series of projects. This has been a recurring phenomenon from inception.

What We Stand For

  • Our Mission

    Through partnerships and capacity building, NOWA shall strive to build stable homes both within and outside the barracks, assist and encourage their husbands to excel in their service to the nation and ensure peaceful co-existence in the society where religion and diverse socio-culture will not pose any threat to nationhood.
  • Our Vision

    NOWA envision a Nigeria where women freely and fully exercise their rights devoid of all forms of discrimination and where they can attain their highest potentials and utilize their various endowments to the Nigerian Navy and betterment of mankind.

Recent Achievements

Some of the achievements of NOWA President, Mrs Theresa Ibas are:

Renovation of NOWA Secretariat Abuja

The NOWA President has commenced renovation of the NOWA Secretariat Abuja

Partnership with New Horizons in ICT

NOWA partners with New Horizons Nigeria in training individuals, pupils and students of NOWA Schools on International Certifications courses

Purchase of Customized School & Other Uniforms

NOWA has embarked on massive purchase of customized School uniforms and other uniforms across NOWA schools nationwide.

Payment of Debts Owed Previous Contractors

Payment of debt owed various contractors before her administration in an attempt to clear the backlog of debt

Repairs and Purchase of Tyres for NOWA School Buses

Repair and purchase of tyres for the NOWA School Buses in all the NOWA schools.

Construction of New Hostels & Finishing at NOWA Sec Sch Offa

Construction of new hostels and finishing at NOWA Secondary School, Offa, Kwara State

Renovation of NOWA Education Centre, Karshi

Renovation of NOWA Education Centre, Karshi. Which is NOWA Secondary School in Abuja

Employment of Teachers & Staff at NOWA Sec Sch Offa

Employment of teachers and staff at NOWA Secondary School, Offa, Kwara State